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The purpose of Children's ministry at Living Waters Church is to help children glorify God and grow to their full potential in Christ by partnering with parents in knowing, involving, developing, and serving. Every child is welcome.

At living Waters Church, we ensure your child will be safe by making certain each volunteer and member of staff has a criminal record check, takes the Plan to Protect training, be approved by the pastor, and be a regular attendee of Living Waters Church for at least 6 months.

Kids who   Know God & His word

are               Involved in Friendship & Fellowship

are              Developing Spiritual/ Ministry Gifts

are              Serving in the Church & Community


I have been involved with children's ministry for over 20 years in both lead role positions as well as supporting role positions.

My passion is to "help kids along the way" and to encourage and teach them to live out the John 10:10 abundant life. To be full of the Holy Spirit, free to be mighty kids of the Kingdom.


Saved to Serve

John 12:23-26



Living Waters Youth is a place for students from age 11-16 to come and form lasting and meaningful relationships with each other and most importantly, Jesus.

Our mission is to create an environment that is safe, welcoming, fun, and full of joy and love as we discover everything in God’s plan for us together!


*Youth meetings are held Tuesdays 6:30-8:30 *

at the Schut farm

Please call Josiah for more details


Josiah Schut was raised on his family's dairy farm in Salmon Arm. He was home schooled by his amazing mother and is an active member of Living Waters Church, along with his whole family. Josiah is excited to lead our youth forward and help them grow in their walk with God


Saved to Serve

John 12:23-26

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